Standover there and hold this

I’ve had a few people ask me recently about standover height. I don’t tend to publish standover figures for any of the frames for a few reasons.

Firstly there is a huge amount of variance in the way different manufacturers measure ‘standover’; some say middle of the top tube (is that ETT or actual?), some say a direct line down from the nose of the saddle (what saddle? on what seatpost? at what height? in what position on the saddle rails?), and some say a certain distance in front of the nose of the saddle (with the same ambiguity). So unless you know you are comparing apples with apples looking at standover figures when comparing bikes doesn’t really tell you much at all.

Secondly, what size tyres used also makes a significant to stand over – especially so on Singulars, most of which are designed to work well across a pretty wide range of tyre sizes.

Lastly, standover is not a particularly good basis on which to size a bike, effective top tube or┬áreach is much more important in achieving a comfortable riding position. As long as you can straddle the top tube with a bit of room to spare then for most applications that is sufficient. With the dropped top tubes across the Singular range it is quite rare for someone to find a frame which will fit in terms of reach, but doesn’t give safe standover clearance.

A lot of people will also look at a standover height and compare it to their trouser inseam measurement. This is misleading as trouser inseam is not leg length. For instance my ideal trouser inseam is 33″ but my actual leg length (or more accurately and suitably – pubic bone height, see below how to measure it) is 36″. You also need to take into account the shoes you’ll be wearing if you think it’s going to be tight in the top tube / sensitive areas interface.

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