Notes on bottle cage mounts

When putting together the latest batch of Swifts there was a lot of consternation about bottle cage mounts. Now I know this is not something most people get all that exercised about, but to a bike designer these things are important. The goal all along with the Swifts and I guess my philosophy on bike design overall is to keep it simple. That said, this batch of Swifts I wanted to give a bit more versatility, with a specific view towards bikepacking as that seems to be something more and more people are doing on them. Fortunately we have a few guys in the Singular family who are no bikepacking newbs – Aidan Harding has done the Tour Divide twice, Iditarod (the long one) twice, and was the creator of the slightly bonkers EWE, not to mention the WHW double and a bunch of other self supported epics. David Kleinjan has the Kiwi Brevet under his belt, a record setting South Downs Double and other big stuff. So guys who could give some input on bottles and bags and stuff.

One of the key things that was common to these guys, and you can see them on the majority of rigs ridden by the folks who talk all this stuff rather seriously, is the ‘fuel tank’ type frame bag which sits under the top tube between head and seat tubes. This is a great place to store stuff you need easy access to, but doesn’t take up the whole front triangle so that you can still use a water bottle on the downtube, and depending on the bag, also on the seat tube. This means that on smaller frame sizes the downtube bottle cage mounts need to be well towards the bottom of the downtube. ┬áIf you do that it means you have limited to no space for a seat tube bottle. However, if you add another bottle cage mount under the downtube you can still carry two bottles. Plus we now also offer a fork for the Swift which has triple bottle cage mounts on it, so water carrying capacity is not so limited.

Designing bikes is always a juggling act, trying to weigh up different users’ demands and preferences to arrive at a solution which is going to suit most folks well. In this particular regard, a front triangle only has so much space – if you want a frame bag, bottles and a good amount of standover something has to give!

In short, the Swift now has three sets of bottle cage mounts in the L and XL sizes, but only two in the S and M sizes – the one on the seat tube being the one missed out. As always, I’m happy to get your feedback – does this sound good for you? Let me know in the comments below.



Aidan at completion of the Tour Divide in 2012

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