David Kleinjan

Dave hails from New Zealand, though now lives in the UK and spent much time in the Netherlands before that. With a shock of crazy curls and scarily thin physique (last check he’s 195cm and weighs about 45kg) he is frighteningly fast on the bike over both short distances and long. In 2011 he knocked out a South Downs Double (200 miles off-road) in about 19 hours on a ┬ásinglespeed Gryphon. Just recently he used the same bike to take on the Kiwi Brevet – a 1200km self-supported mostly off-road race in his home country. He has plans for other big adventures as well as riding with the team and solo at some of Europe’s biggest enduro events.

David’s blog on his cycle adventures, including a great write up of the Kiwi Brevet is here.

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