Gravel, cross, all-road….. They are all just bikes designed to cover rough surfaces quickly. We hearken back to the days of folks taking their touring bikes across all terrains with the Rough Stuff Fellowship. Or even earlier when racers would ride to an event with a saddlebag on, find a barn or hedge to sleep in – race their hearts out, then ride home again.

Versatility is a virtue. In this age of increasing specialisation it’s easy to get sucked into the trap of thinking you need a cross bike, a winter bike, a touring bike, a gravel bike etc etc. The Kite can be all those things. Dress it up any way you please – 35mm tyres and ‘guards for winter roads, 28s for some summer speed, ‘cross tyres and hit a race or two, it can even take some 650x54mm knobbies for some singletrack action or add some bags for a bikepacking epic. In whatever configuration the ride is sublime.

We make every titanium Kite to order. Geometry is standard, as is the carefully selected size-specific blend of 3Al 2.5V titanium tubing. You get a choice of fitments to best suit your intended use – whether they be rack mounts, mudguards, or a particular preference of axle or head tube type.

Orders are taken in a monthly cycle at month end. Payment of a deposit gets you in that month’s run and delivery is typically 8-10 weeks hence.

The base frame price is £1550, with a matching Toray T800 full carbon fork a further £250. Some optional extras carry an additional cost, which will be agreed prior to an order being taken.

Email for further details.