While much of our emphasis is on riding for the pure enjoyment of it, there is nothing like the crucible of racing to test our products and ourselves to the limit. Here’s a rundown of the team riders, the news page will give you our latest results and upcoming events. All of the Singular clan are friendly and approachable folks, so if you see us out at the races please say hello and we’ll be happy to chat and give you a spin on one of our bikes.

Team Singular in the UK is delighted to have the support of Exposure lights and USE components.


The Singular racing team has rapidly become one of the strongest endurance mountain bike racing teams in the UK. From humble beginnings in 2007 as a group of friends taking on Mountain Mayhem, we have grown in results, reputation and added some folks over the years. Despite some excellent results, we’ve not lost the perspective that we do this for fun, to meet new people and enjoy ourselves while riding bikes as fast as we can.

While our focus has largely been on the UK enduro-xc scene, taking victories in such events as Mountain Mayhem, Bristol Bikefest, Dusk ’til Dawn, UK 24 hour nationals and a very sweet 2nd at Twentyfour12 in 2011 – we also take in  a few cyclocross races, some road sportives and audaxes, and a couple of the guys are taking on the new breed of self-supported ultra-endurance races. Learn more about them in each of their profiles at left. If you’d like to see what we have coming up please just see the calendar below.



Steve Webb

The longest serving rider on the Singular team, an Englishman and a gentleman. His quiet, reserved manner belies immense reserves of power and stamina. 2009 was a breakthrough season for Steve, with wins in the Torq in your Sleep 12 hour enduro, Bristol Bikefest enduro and numerous other top placings throughout the season.

2010 saw an even greater impact from Steve on the UK enduro calendar – winning the Bristol Bikefest and Dusk ’til Dawn and a host of victories as the lynch-pin of the Singular Team including 10 at Kirroughtree and Mountain Mayhem SS category.

A greater focus on ‘classic’ XC racing was the plan for 2011 – having been granted an elite licence for the British Mountain Bike Series. Sadly a very heavy crash at Dalby put an early end to his elite racing season. He still took in a few events after his recovery, being a crucial part of our 2nd place at Twentyfour12 in the 24h Teams category, and winning the Singletrack Weekender.

2010 results

Gorrick Spring Series – 1st Super Masters

Muc Off 8 hour – 2nd team of 3

Bristol Bikefest 2nd in 12hr solo overall

SSUK – 2nd

10 at Kirroughtree – Singular trio (Steve, Kirsty, Sam) 1st mixed, 2nd overall

Torq in Your Sleep 12 hour race – 1st overall

Twentyfour12 – 4th team, 24 hour category (with Sam, Gareth, Aidan & Dan)

Dusk ’til Dawn 12 hour night race – 1st solo

2011 results

Gorrick Spring Series – 3rd in Expert

Bristol Bikefest – 3rd pairs

SSWC Ireland – 6th

Singletrack Weekender – 1st

Aidan Harding

One of the UK’s most well known and respected ultra endurance mountain bike races, Aidan’s race history doubles as a summary of the longest and hardest mountain bike challenges known to man. The 2600 mile Tour Divide (4th and 6th), the 1000 mile Iditarod Trail Invitational (2nd) and numerous other mtb enduros around the UK, usually solo. Since joining the Singular team at the end of 2010 Aidan has kept himself fresh by joining us in some team races, but still has plans for some big things in the future, such as the inaugural EWE (England-Wales-England) race planned for 2012. Adain has a regular and engaging blog covering his many adventures here.

Matt Brown

Matt is quite new to the gang and is the youngest of the bunch. He’s some distance from the rest of us physically, if not philosophically. He is a singlespeeder through and through – turning the one gear whether it is on dirt, road, snow or sand. Matt has a great blog with fantastic pictures and stories from his adventures and races around the globe.

David Kleinjan

Dave hails from New Zealand, though now lives in the UK and spent much time in the Netherlands before that. With a shock of crazy curls and scarily thin physique (last check he’s 195cm and weighs about 45kg) he is frighteningly fast on the bike over both short distances and long. In 2011 he knocked out a South Downs Double (200 miles off-road) in about 19 hours on a  singlespeed Gryphon. Just recently he used the same bike to take on the Kiwi Brevet – a 1200km self-supported mostly off-road race in his home country. He has plans for other big adventures as well as riding with the team and solo at some of Europe’s biggest enduro events.

David’s blog on his cycle adventures, including a great write up of the Kiwi Brevet is here.


A loose collection of friends who fly the Singular flag high and proud all around the world

Mario Donatelli

Mario hails from Pescantina, Italy, at the foot of the Dolomites and just a short way from Lake Garda. As such he is blessed with some of the best riding Europe has to offer. He makes the most of it whether on road or off – cyclocross, downhill, road, touring or cross country. He rides a custom painted Kite and a very nice Gryphon. 

Murphy Kate Montee

The youngest and most feminine of the Singular gang, MurphyKate is probably also the classiest. With a US National Championship under her belt at the tender age of 16 and domination of her regional races throughout the mid-west she has a bright future ahead of her. She rides a very special custom Gryphon from Reynolds 853 Pro Team tubing – always singlespeed, always drops. MurphyKate is studying at Notre Dame university and is looking forward to getting another very special Singular, this time a titanium road bike.

Matt Gersib

Matt is on board a whole fleet of Singulars for 2013 – taking in racing throughout the US from his base in Nebraska. His passion is for the gravel – at the moment he’s tossing up whether to ride his Kite or Gryphon for the gruelling gravel classic Trans Iowa. Already this year he’s seen success on board a Singular being part of the second placed team at the iconic 24 hours of Old Pueblo – as seen below. Being from fairly frozen climes – he’s very much looking forward to getting his hands on a prototype Puffin later this year. He keeps a regularly updated blog here.